We publish a list of the 30 artists selected for the Artist in Residence program


Please find as following a list of the 30 artists selected for the Artist in Residence program. The selected artists will be contacted via email by the organization and will receive all the information needed to formalize the participation.

In case of cancellations within seven days from the date of publication of the list will be contacted other artists instead.

We received about 600 applications froma artists of all ages and from different parts of Europe and the countries of the Mediterranean Sea, it was a difficult selection for the value of projects and curricula submitted.

We want to sincerely thank all the artists who have participated, who have contacted us these months, which have pledged to create projects for the exploitation of intangible Sicilian identity.

We are sure that many of those who were not selected by the jury (composed by Sebastiano RisoSalvatore RussoAngela LipomiLuca RuzzaMarina Sajeva and Alice Cordaro) we will re-meet and collaborate on future projects.

Thanks everyone.

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The Artist in Residence program provides for the participation of thirty young artists coming from all over Europe and the Mediterranean, who from late March to late April 2015, will move to Sicily to create new works of art.

The artistic disciplines in the program are: Visual arts (painting and sculpture), tactile arts and design (textile art, goldsmith art and art craft) photography and audiovisual arts (documentary, video art, digital art etc.) music and sound compositions

All the new creations are original and use iconography, images, materials, productive techniques and processes, clear expression of the Sicilian tradition but contemporary in their aesthetic code, according to the feeling of each artist.


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