The project I-ART, whose leader municipality is Catania, created and directed by I WORLD, is proposed as a new artistic and cultural movement that involves artists of all disciplines and is based on the reinterpretation of the universe and the identity of the oral traditions of Sicily through contemporary art.



The project partnership includes about 100 Sicilian municipalities, including:

Municipality of Catania (leader)
Municipality of Palermo
Municipality of Enna
Municipality of Agrigento
Municipality of Ragusa
Municipality of Taormina
Municipality of Modica
Municipality of Piazza Armerina
Municipality of Favignana
Municipality of Castelvetrano
Municipality of Sambuca di Sicilia
Municipality of Calatafimi Segesta
Municipality of Barcellona Pozzo di Gotto
Municipality of Misterbianco
Municipality of Caltabellotta
Municipality of Sutera
Municipality of Rosolini
Municipality of Troina
Municipality of Santa Ninfa
Municipality of Cinisi
Municipality of Vizzini
Municipality of Rodì Milici
Municipality of Pozzallo
Municipality of Motta Camastra
Municipality of Malfa (Salina – Aeolian Islands)

Union of Municipalities Elimo Ericini, including:
Municipality of Valderice
Municipality of Buseto Palizzolo
Municipality of Custonaci
Municipality of San Vito Lo Capo
Municipality of Paceco

Agenzia PRO.PI-TER. Sicilia Centro Meridionale (South-Central Sicily), including:
Municipality of Camastra
Municipality of Campobello di Licata
Municipality of Canicattì
Municipality of Castrofilippo
Municipality of Comitini
Municipality of Favara
Municipality of Grotte
Municipality of Licata
Municipality of Naro
Municipality of Palma Di Montechiaro
Municipality of Racalmuto
Municipality of Ravanusa

SO.SVI.MA SPA – Agenzia di Sviluppo Locale delle Madonie (Local Development Agency of Madonie), including Ente Parco delle Madonie (Ente Madonie Park) and:
Municipality of Alimena
Municipality of Gratteri
Municipality of Blufi
Municipality of Isnello
Municipality of Bompietro
Municipality of Lascari
Municipality of Caltavuturo
Municipality of Petralia Soprana
Municipality of Castelbuono
Municipality of Petralia Sottana
Municipality of Campofelice di Roccella
Municipality of Polizzi Generosa
Municipality of Castellana Sicula
Municipality of Pollina
Municipality of Cefalù
Municipality of Resuttano
Municipality of Collesano
Municipality of Sclafani Bagni
Municipality of Gangi
Municipality of San Mauro Castelverde
Municipality of Geraci Siculo
Municipality of Scillato

Union of Municipalities Valle dei Nebrodi (Nebrodi Valley), including:
Municipality of Sant’Agata di Militello
Municipality of Galati Marmetino
Municipality of Capo d'Orlando
Municipality of San Fratello
Municipality of Torrenova
Municipality of Caronia
Municipality of Santo Stefano di Camastra

Union of Municipalities Terra dei Lancia (Lancia Land), including:
Municipality of Brolo
Municipality of Ficarra

Union of Municipalities Valle degli Iblei (Iblei Valley), including:
Municipality of Canicattini Bagni
Municipality of Palazzolo Acreide
Municipality of Sortino
Municipality of Ferla
Municipality of Buccheri
Municipality of Cassaro
Municipality of Buscemi

Union of Municipalities Alto Verdura e Gebbia, including:
Municipality of Burgio
Municipality of Calamonaci
Municipality of Lucca Sicula
Municipality of Villafranca Sicula

I WORLD - World Association for the protection and enhancement of human identity, whose members consist of representatives from public institutions about 130 municipalities of all Sicilian provinces

Associazione CLAC ( Association CLAC)
Associazione Culturale DARSHAN (Cultural Association DARSHAN)
Società Cooperativa ARL ENTR’ACTE (Cooperative Society ARL ENTR’ACTE)
Associazione Culturale COMPAGNIA ZAPPALÀ DANZA (Cultural Association COMPAGNIA ZAPPALÀ DANZA)
Associazione Culturale TEATRO MANOMAGIA (Cultural Association TEATRO MANOMAGIA)
Associazione Culturale LEGGERETE (Cultural Association LEGGERETE)
Associazione Musicale Etnea (Etnea Musical Association)
Mu snc
Associazione Culturale SPAZI CONTEMPORANEI (Cultural Association SPAZI CONTEMPORANEI)
Associazione Culturale ZO (Cultural Association ZO)
Associazione Culturale GESTI ( Cultural Association GESTI)
Associazione CITTÀ TEATRO (Association CITTÀ TEATRO)


Associated Partners

These are institutions that have no direct involvement in the project and do not take part in the implementation of planned activities, but sharing the purpose of the initiative and supporting it through a dissemination action at national and international level, ensuring maximum visibility.

The associated partners, who do not take part in the ATS, are the following:
Commissione Nazionale UNESCO - Ministero della Cultura della Repubblica Libanese (National Commission UNESCO - Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Lebanon)
Commissione Nazionale UNESCO (ALECSO/ISESCO) - Ministero dell’Educazione della Repubblica d’Egitto (National Commission UNESCO ALECSO/ISESCO - Ministry of Education of the Republic of Egypt )
Commissione Nazionale UNESCO (ALECSO/ISESCO) - Ministero dell’Educazione del Regno Hashemita di Giordania (National Commission UNESCO ALECSO/ISESCO - Ministry of Education of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan)
Ministero della Cultura del Regno Hashemita di Giordania (Ministry of Education of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan)
Prefettura di Tessalonicco – Grecia (Prefecture of Thessaloniki – Greece)
Unione dei Comuni della Grecìa Salentina-Italia (Union of Municipalities Salento Greece-Italy)
Unione dei Comuni di Malta (Union of Municipalities of Malta)
ESPACE CROISE, Centre d'art contemporain Roubaix (Contemporary Art Centre)
APOLLONIA, platform di cooperazione arte, Strasbourg (Platform of Cooperative Art)
UCAN: Research and documentation Center on Art and Networks Cultures
CULTURE LINK NETWORK: List of the main Institutions operating in Culture and Art
IETM: International Network Of Contemporary Art
European Society for Contemporary Art
The European Biennial Network
SOROS Centers For Contemporary Arts (SCCA) Network
ELIA: European League of Institutes of the Arts
RUE DE RIVOLI 59, Parigi
EMYAN: Euromed Young Artist Network


AIMS (Objectives)

Develop integrated cultural services aimed at production, dissemination and use of contemporary art in Sicily.

Create an international network in contemporary art, for the enhancement of Sicilian identity, able to interconnect all the territories based on a single system strategy.

Improve the qualitative and quantitative production of Sicilian artists in contemporary art inspired by the local identity, stimulating the use of innovative languages based also on the use of new technologies.

Improve the image of Sicily in the world through the production of new artistic forms that reinterpret its identity and that can free it from heavy stereotypes of the past, revealing at the same time the most authentic aspects.

Increase and seasonal variate Tourist Flows Inbound, related to the use of the arts and to film location on the island.

Expand access to innovative, technological and digital products.

Disseminate, promote, protect and make more accessible the artistic and architectural resources of the territory.


Planned Activities

1. Realization and networking of 23 Cultural Centres Multipurpose CCM (Centri Culturali Polivalenti CCP) in 23 municipalities in Sicily, for the creation of integrated regional services for contemporary art.

In detail, the CCM (CCP) will be made in the following places and buildings:

City of Catania: at Palazzo della Cultura (Culture Palace)
City of Valderice: Ex Stabilimento Monaco (ex Monaco Factory)
City of Taormina: Ex Chiesa del Carmine (ex Carmine Church)
City of Misterbianco: Ex Stabilimento Monaco (ex Monaco Factory)
City of Piazza Armerina: at Centro espositivo “Monte Prestami” (“Monte Prestami” Exhibition Centre)
City of Santa Ninfa: at Centro Sociale (Social Centre)
City of Sambuca di Sicilia: Palazzo Panitteri (Panitteri Palace)
City of Calatafimi Segesta: Ex Convento di San Francesco (ex San Francesco Convent)
City of Sutera: building at Piazza Sant’Agata, 37 (37, Saint Agata Square)
City of Modica: at Palazzotto “Ex COPAI” (ex COPAI Palace)
City of Favignana: at Palazzo Florio
Municipality of Lucca Sicula (Union of Municipalities Alto Verdure and Gebbia): at Casa di riposo per anziani (Home for the Elderly)
City of Rodì Milici: within Museo Antiquarium (Antiquarium Museum)
City of Pozzallo: Culture Space “Meno Assenza”
City of Motta Camastra: Building in via Roma (foglio di mappa N°18) (Roma Street – map sheet N 18)
City of Galati Mamertino: Lower Secondary School in Contura
City of Ragusa: Centro Servizi Culturali, in via Generale Diaz (Cultural Services Centre, in Generale Diaz Street)
City of Barcellona Pozzo di Gotto: Spaces of Ex Stazione Ferroviaria (ex Railway Station)
City of Castelvetrano: Sant’ Agostino
City of Vizzini: Palazzo Costa (Costa Palace)
City of Geraci Siculo (So.Svi.Ma Spa- Agenzia di Sviluppo Locale delle Madonie): Ex convento dei Padri Cappuccini
Municipality of Canicattini Bagni (Union of Municipalities Valle degli IBLEI): Museo dei sensi e dell’arte lapidea (Senses and Art Stone Museum)
City of Naro (Agenzia Pro.Pi-Ter. Sicilia Centro Meridionale Spa): Castle (Castello)

The CCM are designed as an integrated network, coordinated at regional level, able to offer to all young local artists and stakeholders, the following services:

Areas for temporary exhibitions and artistic events.

InformArt desk, information and promotion services for young Sicilian artists and tourism improvement of cultural routes linked to contemporary art, to places of memory and Sicilian identity, to the places of cinema (movie tour) and the most representative contemporary architecture of the island.

Film bureaux, public service for simplifying film and audiovisual productions in the territories.

Art workshops, technological facilities aimed at contemporary artistic production.



In order to stimulate cultural development and artistic aggregation at a regional level, through an open and constructive comparison on contemporary art of Sicily, the project foresees the creation of a network of Sicilian and international contemporary art.


3. Artistic Training and Artist in Residence Program 

3.1 Multidisciplinary Workshops Program

a) Performing Arts

b) Visual, Multimedia, Digital and Audiovisual Arts

c) Tactile Arts and Crafts Design

3.2 Artist in Residence

The program Artists in Residence includes the participation of thirty young artists from all over Europe and the Mediterranean, selected by public notice, who will stay for thirty days in Sicily to create new art works inspired by territorial identities, focusing the intangible cultural heritage.


4. Routes of Art and Culture

The innovative integrated cultural tourist routes will highlight the artistic specificity of the territories involved, and will be developed starting from the architecture and contemporary artistic forms included in the network I-ART, previously selected by the scientific committee on the basis of excellence and the principles of the shared Manifesto I-ART.


5. I ART Festival

The Festival represents a strong and essential moment of involvement, disclosure and communication of new forms of contemporary art in Sicily linked to identities, with the aim of promoting a new image of the contemporary Sicilian culture. The multidisciplinary festival will offer a wide overview of contemporary art in Sicily and will be divided into the following sections:

Great Events
Literature and Reading
Art and Exhibition
Cinema e Video Art
Contemporary Architecture


6. Communication and Cultural Marketing 

6.1 I ART Web Portal 

I-Art Web Portal will offer information on all the disciplines and activities of the project.

6.2 I ART Web Tv

Web TV will be dedicated to contemporary art in Sicily, offering events, activities, workshops and whatever else made during the project, which will be broadcast on the web portal.

6.3 Promotional materials 

I-ART includes a wide activity of dissemination, which will be focused on the whole region, as well as national and international level. Dr. Lucio Tambuzzo Concept and General Management I-ART Project.


Dr. Lucio Tambuzzo
Concept and General Management I ART Project